I will ease your wondering mind, Winston

Today’s question comes from a friend of mine you may know, Mr. Winston T. Pistolsniffer.

Winston asks:
Archie, I once had to hold off a tribe of pygmies with nothing but a pair of roller skates and a shark’s tooth. It was extraordinary! What do you think of that?

Winston, that truly is extraordinary. I would like to play you in a movie version of your life if one were to ever be made. I can do a spot on British accent.

If I were ever cornered by a tribe of pygmies I would like to think I could get out of the situation safely, too. I’ve played many-a-adventurer, as you know, and feel that I have picked up a lot of key survival skills.

I read somewhere that pygmies cannot grow facial hair and use westerner’s facial hair as currency. If this is true then I am a multi-billionaire to them. With this in mind, if I’m unable to outwit them in their natural environment, I can probably buy them out with just a small clip from my magnificent mustache.

Nice to hear from you again and thanks for being a fan!



3 Responses to “I will ease your wondering mind, Winston”

  1. PinkCloud Says:

    yeah, or they might shave you completely! be careful Archie! are there any pygmies where you live?

  2. PinkCloud Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you have lots of adventurer’s skills, Archie. might come in handy someday, who knows?

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