I will ease your wondering mind, Ashley

Another question from an adoring fan. Another answer from a giving star. Today’s questions are from Ashley.

Ashley Writes:
Archie, I have questions for you as well. What was your favorite story as a child? What do you consider your inspiration for your great talent? What do you think of the Purity Towers?

Great questions, Ashley. Let’s see. My favorite story as a child, huh? I was a fairly slow reader as a child and had to have my dad read my stories for until the 6th grade. The story I had him read the most, though, was “The Tale of Gregory”. Gregory was a very nice character. As a child, hearing about a “good Grotian” was strange but it helped me see that the Grotians aren’t all bad. A lesson that a few of my friends must have missed as children.

My inspiration comes from many places but mostly from myself. I usually spend hours listening to or watching productions I have done. I used to listen to others but it finally came down to, watch the others do it “OK” or watch my self do it spectacularly. Not a difficult choice.

And to answer your final question, Purity Towers is an excellent place for a person like me. Great food, amazing amenities, and wonderful living arrangement. My neighbors are all alright, I suppose. I don’t usually like consorting with people but when I do talk to them, they seem fairly nice. I can’t say I really care for the way they treat some of the people less fortunate than they are, but who am I to judge. Oh and the massages are great.

Thanks for being a fan!



2 Responses to “I will ease your wondering mind, Ashley”

  1. Syncopal Says:

    Archie Rebel always does it Spectacularly!!

    You The Man!!!

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