I will ease your wondering mind, Jane Doh…

It obviously didn’t take long for the questions about me to come in. Fear not, fans! I am happy to let you take a little peek into the wonderful world that is Archie Rebel.

First Question comes from Jane Doh.
Jane writes:

I’ll bite: How did you get started down this line of work? Did you always want to be an actor?

Well, Jane, to answer your first question, I always had a way with entertaining people. My mother told me that my first words were the entire lyrics to “New York, New York”. She told me that when she heard me sing my first words she thought the radio was on, but it was just me in my crib doing what I was apparently born to do.

As for your second question, no, I didn’t always want to be an actor. When I was 10, for about 38 minutes, I wanted to be a tow truck driver so I could just tow any car I wanted back to my house. My mother had to explain to me that tow truck drivers  did not get to keep the cars they towed and usually had to tow broken cars. Plus they were usually dirty and I really like being clean.
Thank you for the great questions, Jane, and thank you for being a fan!


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