Hello Fans!

Hello fans! You asked for it and now you have it! Archie Rebel has started his own blog especially for his adoring and curious fans.

I should have expected something like this would happen once my publicist put my Facebook up. First a fan page and now a forum to tell you all about me. It truly is flattering to see all the love you guys have for me.

I have already received a few questions in my e-mail and from Facebook and will be posting my blogs shortly to answer this fan mail.

Thank you all for being a fan!



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4 Responses to “Hello Fans!”

  1. The Patriot Says:

    Careful Archie, enemies of the party surround you…

  2. PinkCloud Says:

    congrats Archie! what a wonderful page! Please show us more pictures! And maybe you could tell us some details about yourself, I’m dying to know: what’s your favorite animal? favorite color? did you have your mustache since you were a boy? are you married or in a relationship? are you in church? are you politically interested? do you like cheese? Where do you live? I have many more questions but I know, a popular guy like you keeps busy. We San Diegans love you!

    • archierebel Says:

      Thank you for your feed back! I have TONS of questions to go through, and I’ll be happy to answer yours soon! Never deny a fan what they want, I always say!
      Thanks for being a fan!

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